Why use Mindfulness?

When we practice mindfulness of drawing and writing, it is the movement of the pen or pencil across the page, the co-ordination of hand and eye and the object of our practice that becomes our mindful focus.

Having this firm focus is essential because without it we cannot begin to calm our minds, cannot hope to find space in our heads and our hearts, or come into a broader state of awareness, of simply being.

As modern humans, in today’s technological society, there is no doubt that our minds are conditioned for overactivity. THey jump around from one thing to another, constantly stimulated or even overstimulated, by a barrage of media, social media, TV, internet, traffic, crowds, work, busy social lives and family.

The truth is that for most of us unless we make a special effort, there are very few moments s of silence, tranquillity or peace in our days. It is harder than ever for us to find a space to calm and quiet down, to simply be and yet more than any other generation, we are probably most in need of doing so. Our objective of mindful practice is to get overactive minds to settle and focus.

The distinction between thinking and being is essential. Our goal of practice is to achieve ABSORPTION – this happens when we move out of thinking mind and into being mind, away from analysing, conceptualising, telling stories in our head, or trying to work things out. Absorption is about being at one with something and just doing it as if it’s the only thing in the world.

Being in Flow is something that all creative people – every person who has engaged in a creative activity – will recognise. When we are in flow, we are entirely at one with the activity. When our thinking minds are quieted, when we are absorbed in the flow of drawing or writing, of merely being – something quite magical beings to happen. Less preoccupied with the whirl of thinking and planning in our heads, we begin to notice the world around us.

Picasso says the following – all children are artists, the problem is how to retain the artist once he grows up. Everyone and draw and writing, we must ignore the negative voice in our heads, being creative and creating drawings or writing is entirely natural for us. We must hold onto our childlike curiosity and enjoyment that we all experienced as children.


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